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Nashville A-Frame HomesNashville A-Frame Homes

The design for the A-frame style home originally came from the need for a roof that was designed to help heavy snow slide to the ground instead of lingering on top of the house and weighing it down. At the same time, the steep roof provides two other benefits. First, the cathedral ceilings create a partial floor plan at the top of the home, which can be used for lofts or storage space, and secondly, the roof extends down to the ground and doesn't need to be painted...Read More A-Frame Homes




Nashville Cape Cod HomesNashville Cape Cod Homes

The Cape Cod style, adapted by English settlers, originated in colonial New England during the 17th and 18th centuries. English settlers took to liking the simple and efficient design that these homes accommodated. Today, the term refers to Cape Cod shaped houses that were popular during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s...Read more About Cape Cod Homes




Nashville Colonial HomesNashville Colonial Homes

The Colonial style home is a symbol of American patriotism and a need for simplicity. Colonial style homes are sometimes referred to as salt-box homes due to their resemblance of early American salt containers. Prominently rectangular with a symmetrical facade, the Colonial house was a popular house style from the late 1800’s into the 1950’s....Read More About Nashville Colonial Homes



Nashville ContemporaryNashville Contemporary

"Contemporary" describes a catch-all style that can take on many different shapes. You can recognize Contemporary homes by their odd-sized and often tall windows, their lack of ornamentation, and their unusual mixtures of wall materials that include stone, brick, and wood, for instance...... Read More About Nashville Conteporary Homes





Nashville Cottage HomesNashville Cottage Homes

Popularized by pattern books in the mid 19th century, Cottage house plans are filled with individuality due to their asymmetrical plan design. A cottage is typically a smaller design that may remind you of picturesque storybook charm. It can also be a vacation house plan or a beach house plan fit for a lake or in a mountain setting. Sometimes these homes are referred to as bungalows.....Read more about Nashville Cottage Style Homes





Nashville Log Cabin HomesNashville Log Cabin Homes

Log cabins have been regarded as symbols of American pioneer independence on the frontier. Log home plans are typically built with wood logs as the primary building material and can reflect any home style in their design. Although Log homes are one of the oldest styles of residential construction known to man, today’s log homes offer all of the comforts and modern conveniences as well as historic charm and comfort of a present home.....Read More About Nashville Log Cabin Homes



Nashville RanchNashville Ranch or 1 level Homes

Sometimes referred to as the California ranch style, the ranch home in the current family originated there in 1930s. Ranch homes emerged as one of the most popular American styles in the 1950s and 60s, when the automobile had replaced early 20th-century forms of transportation, such as streetcars. ...Read More Ranch Homes





Nashville Rustic HomesNashville Rustic Homes

Incorporating many elements found in nature, Rustic Home Plans are designed for comfort and warmth. Many home plans reflect the region or terrain in which they are built, or at the very least, are more common in certain terrains. The rustic house sometimes connotes the ideal of the getaway home where the residents commune with nature. Featuring timber or stone siding, the exterior of these homes blends with its surroundings....Read more About Rustic Nashville Homes




Nashville Tudor HomesNashville Tudor Homes

The quintessential Tudor house plan features contrasting whitewashed plaster against diagonally placed heavy dark beams, a sloping roof, and the focal point of a substantial patterned stone or brick chimney. Other accenting features typical of Tudor house plans may include multi-paned casement or mullioned windows, rounded doorways, and a projecting bay window cantilevered over the first floor.....See Nashville Tudor Homes




Nashville Victorian HomesNashville Victorian Homes

The Victorian era refers to the writings or taste during Queen Victoria of England’s reign. This type of design is the product of the Queen’s mid and late periods since her tenure was the longest in English history. Victorian designs date from the second half of the nineteenth century when America was exploring new approaches to building and home design. There are a variety of Victorian house styles, including Second Empire, Italianate, Stick, and Queen Anne Victorian Homes. See Nashville Victorian Homes

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